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Custom Shape Labels



Outdoor Usage:

Poly permanent stock is great for outdoor usage with a

strong adhesive and a weather resistant finish.




Laminating your labels gives an extra protection from the elements/abrasions.


Make your products stand out with metallic stock.  Bright, Dull or Iridescent Silver.



Specialty Adhesives:

Specialty adhesives available.  Freezer, Water Removable, Supertac

& Ultra Removable (cling)



Outdoor Usage:

Quantities as low as 50


Digital process colour


Min size 1/4" x 1/4"

Max size 12" x 27"


Labels manufactured on rolls.

Sheeted labels available.


24 stocks for indoor and outdoor useage.

Permanent, Removable & Ultra

removable adhesives available.

Laminate or varnish for extra protection.

Inks are UV cured for fade resistance.

Perforated between labels for easy handling

Variable data: Numbering, barcodes

& other formats



Window Application:

Clear Ultra-Removable stock is best for any window application such as oil changes labels or business information.




5 fluorescent stock colours available to make your labels stand out!

Business Hours



Monday - Friday

Sales / Customer Service: 8AM - 5PM

Pick Up: 8AM - 7PM




Draw attention to your products with Custom Shape Labels!   Laser die cutting technlogy allows you to create any Custom Shape you can think of!


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