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March 29 2020

UPS/FedEx Service Alerts continues to ship using UPS and FedEx. For the most updated alerts on shipping services,

please visit the following service alert pages:

Attention Customers,

Essential Service provides an essential service and will continue manufacturing during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The business forms, cheques and labels that we manufacture are "essential" for the supply chain throughout Canada. We produce labels to food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and health-related consumer products.

Our 3D Walkthrough for Realtors will also be made available as deemed essential to the

Real Estate industry, helping to reduce/eliminate open houses.

We ask that you please make us aware when placing a critical order related to responding to the COVID-19 crisis. We are moving those orders to priority status to ensure they are produced before all other orders.

We have diligently implemented Covid-19 safety protocols at our manufacturing facility. As such, we have provided our staff with sanitizers throughout our plant and have Temporarily suspended all in-person client pickups.

If you have any orders in-house with us currently where the receiver will not be open to accept the shipment during the next two weeks, please advise us so we can either ship to an alternative address, or hold at our facility to ship at a later date.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email us

289 756 7468
Thank you for your continued business and support.

Business Hours



Monday - Friday

Sales / Customer Service: 8AM - 5PM

Pick Up: 8AM - 7PM


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