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Digital Menu Boards for Fast Casual Restaurants

hamiltonprintco's digital menu boards for casual restaurants can help your business stand out while opening the door to improving category sales, all while creating a better dining experience!

  • Pre-sell your menu by with a digital menu board outside of the entrance

  • Add promotional displays to increase limited-time offerings

  • Place a menu board in waiting areas and upsell new specials

  • Add an order ready screen spotlighting the name of the customer

  • Spice up the experience with fun dining games and social apps


5 Reasons You Need Digital Menu Board for Fast Casual Restaurant

  • You Can Upsell: strategically schedule new items, desserts, and other items to play on at peak hours of traffic

  • Added Convenience: never again will you have to erase and update pricing or items manually

  • Further Flexibility: easily add new menu deals, drink specials, and promotions

  • Customer Engagement: pre-scheduled rotating promotion’s draw attention and drive sales

  • Multi-User Control: allow your managers access to the entire or specific sections of the menu

Business Hours



Monday - Friday

Sales / Customer Service: 8AM - 5PM

Pick Up: 8AM - 7PM


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