Custom Social Distancing Floor Graphics &

Health & Hygiene Decals Removable Vinyl (4mil) NOW Available

Social Distancing Floor Graphics & Health & Hygiene Decals Removable Vinyl (4mil)

Choose from 5 Floor Graphic Designs

These floor decal designs have been pre-designed to help you order them more easily.


Wide Range of Applications

You can apply these floor signs to any surface inside or outside your store, warehouse, or office. They can even adhere to carpet and curved surfaces.


Scratch-Proof and Non-Slip

Our extremely durable floor stickers are safe and durable. They have a matte washable surface that doesn’t get slippery when wet.

Promotes Social Distancing

You can help stop the spread of the virus. These COVID-19 floor stickers help flatten the curve and contribute towards a healthier society.


Health & Hygiene Decals Removable Vinyl (4mil)


Temporary, Removable Vinyl

You can apply these hygiene and health decals during the outbreak and remove them once it is over.


Indoor and Outdoor Use

These removable vinyl stickers can be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. They’ll stick in rain or shine.


Promote Healthy Practices

You can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 with decal printing. Print hand washing stickers, cover your cough poster decals,

and more.


To apply the decal, clean the application surface first.

Then begin applying the decal from one corner/edge and work your way through.

Protective Shields  Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards


Protective shields, or sneeze guards, keep essential workers safe from germs and bacteria.

  • Made from clear 3/16" PETG (or Acrylic depending on availability)

  • Optional 10”x5” stabilizing feet and 6”x8” opening

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Easy to clean and sanitize

7 Standard sizes Available


Optional Feet and Opening

You can order Protective Shields with feet and an opening, or create them yourself. To assemble, insert the shield into the slits on the feet, and push to slide securely in.

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