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How FPV Drones Are Making Waves in Real Estate

FPV drones are becoming a new advancement in real estate. Every industry sees technological advances over time, and the real estate industry is no different. Even the invention of the internet has forever changed the way people search for homes! Within the last decade, virtual tours have been a fast-growing innovation in the industry. The last year alone has seen an increase in how many people put an offer on homes sight unseen.


Virtual tours can be an excellent tool to market your listings better. More and more real estate professionals are turning to FaceTime, Zoom, 3D Tours, and more recently, drone tours as virtual tour options.

Drones can aid with aerial photography and video listings. Nowadays, they can even fly indoors. Many real estate agents are turning to drones to enhance their listings.

However, not just any drone can fly inside of a home. Flying a drone indoors that’s not meant to be flown indoors can and likely will be hazardous. Smaller, custom-built drones are the best way to fly inside a home safely. Specifically, an FPV drone flown by a seasoned pilot can excel at creating captivating virtual tours for prospective buyers.

What Are FPV Drones?

The term “FPV” isn’t a brand or a model, but it refers to the method of flying. Traditional drones have the pilot control the aircraft from a ground perspective. FPV drones differ because they are piloted from the drone’s point of view (first-person view). Both methods use a remote control (RC) to man the aircraft, and both forms can have the live video feed transmitted to another device. However, for FPV, video goggles are a piece of specialized equipment. You can genuinely get the first-person perspective from video goggles compared to a monitor. When a pilot is flying through a home, the goggles give a more immersive experience.

Both traditional drones and FPV drones are used for similar applications (aerial photography, aerial video, etc.). However, there are two specific applications where FPV shines: racing and freestyle.

FPV racing involves flying the drone at fast speeds and flying through gates on a setup course. FPV freestyle involves flying through a park or abandoned building, having fun, creating a cool video, etc. These types of drones are physically smaller and lighter than traditional drones. This makes it easier for FPV drones to navigate tight spaces, make quick turns, and in general, make more precise movements.

The physical features of FPV drones, combined with the specialized goggles, make flying through a home possible and safe compared to traditional drones.

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